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Aim: Olympics in Rio

Winner in Port Elizabeth Athlete Franz Löschke is sponsored by Kjellberg Finsterwalde since March 2012. The triathlon U-23 world champion has been given a monthly scholarship, initially for one year, and will be rewarded with a bonus for every win. A good incentive it seems, as he has already been able to secure the first bonus awards. He recorded successes in the Africa Cup as winner in Port Elizabeth and sixth in Larache, Morocco. He was also happy to take seventh place in the European Championships.

Franz Löschke earned his first stripes in the triathlon under the care and guidance of committed trainers of SV Neptun 08 Finsterwalde. In 2005 he switched to Potsdam where, since 2010, he also studies alongside training. His great aim is to take part in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The people of Kjellberg are keeping their fingers crossed for him.

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