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InFocus Welding with Custom-Fit Trailing Shields

InFocus longitudinal seam welding The presentation of Kjellberg welding technique at the trade show EuroBlech 2016 focusses on the reliable and versatile high-performance TIG welding process InFocus. This is shown by numerous practical applications in addition to successfully performed procedure tests by external organisations which result in welding procedure specifications (WPS) for different material thicknesses of the base material 1.4462.

At the EuroBlech, the InFocus technology will also undergo practical testing. The welding of stainless steel will be demonstrated at a longitudinal seam welding machine using cold wire feeding and a trailing shield for the secondary gas protection of the completed weld seam.

Individually shaped trailing shields prevent a reaction of the material with the ambient air also during the welding of tube-to-tube joints or tube-to-flange joints. InFocus is suitable for welding or soldering of various contours of steel and non-ferrous metals. Due to their low geometric interference, the torches are also suitable for seam welds which are difficult to access. The high-quality joints meet the highest industry standards and, due to the numerous advantages of the InFocus process, increase the efficiency of the production process.

This includes the long lifetime of the consumables due to the highly efficient cooling up to the torch tip. The change of the consumables is done quickly because of the small number of consumables and the pre-fabricated cathode which guarantees a defined tool centre point. InFocus can be used for root welding of thick sheets. By using the TIG keyhole welding process, the web can be made bigger and the size of the opening angle can be reduced. The smaller seam cross section reduces the number of layers during the subsequent submerged-arc welding. Further, when using InFocus as root layer it is not necessary to gouge the root.
Press contact:
Jana Müller, Marketing Welding & Engineering
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