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New inverter CutFire for plasma cutting with air
New Cutting Inverter CutFire with Powerful Torch
CutFire 100i with torch Flash 101 increases performance for plasma cutting with air

InFocus longitudinal seam welding
InFocus Welding with Custom-Fit Trailing Shields
Precise – reliable – reproducible: these properties predestine the high-performance TIG welding

Service & maintenance directly from te manufacturer
Kjellberg Finsterwalde with New Service Offerings
Individual maintenance packages directly from the manufacturer  

Kjellberg Finsterwalde Press Centre

The Kjellberg Finsterwalde press centre offers latest news and information about the Kjellberg group. In addition to press releases from all corporate divisions, press photos of our products and reports as well as press kits are available. Our contact persons from the marketing and communication department will gladly answer all your questions.
When using our picture material please note that our General Terms of Use apply. If you would like additional pictures or graphics, it is possible to submit your request by using this form.
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