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Die Hannover Messe öffnet ihre Tore
Integrated Industry auf der HMI

Kjellberg auf der Kontec
vom 27.-29. März 2019 im Maritim Hotel Dresden

Plasma vs Laser
Kjellberg Finsterwalde bei DVS Flensburg
Effizienz in der schweißtechnischen Fertigung

Working and Learning

Qualified employees and optimum working conditions are indispensable for the continued existence and further development of the companies of the Kjellberg Foundation. The main points are:
  • Training of apprentices in commercial and technical professions
  • Organization and support of further education of employees
  • Continuous improvement of working conditions
  • Offers for practical learning at schools, e. g. the secondary school Sängerstadt-Gymnasium Finsterwalde
  • Working in the Association for the cooperation between schools and the industry
  • Promotion of students at colleges and universities
Students visit Kjellberg Finsterwalde on Future Day

Kjellberg offers Insights into Work Life

Young people experience theory and practice on Future Day
Pupils discover plasma on the Day of Science at Kjellberg

From the Classroom into the Company

Pupils visit Kjellberg FInsterwalde on Day of Science

Dr. Norbert Pietsch, chairman of the Executive Board of the Kjellberg Foundation, shares the joy of the winners in the film competition.

Kjellberg's Apprentices win Youth Olympics 2010

A week of excitement in the international youth camp
Congratulations from Dr. Norbert Pietsch to Oliver Ebert, Henry Hantke, Fabian Pinder and Richard Lopp (from left)

Students explore Technologies

Participants under the guidance of Dr. Martin Kubusch successfully explore the Kjellberg Finsterwalde Plasma und Maschinen GmbH (KPM) and modern inverter technique for plasma cutting
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