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CutFire 100i cutting thin sheets
New inverter CutFire 100i
Cutting thin sheets with swirl gas air

CutFire 100i – new as of 2017

The CutFire 100i is a powerful plasma unit with air as plasma gas. It offers a wide range of applications at low investment costs. It is equipped with the latest inverter technology and is one of the few air-cooled systems on the market that offers a duty cycle of 100%.

The cutting inverters CutFire 100i built in or after 2017 are equipped with the new machine torch Flash 101. With its new consumables the torch uses air as swirl gas.The air rotating around the plasma arc stabilizes the arc and thus enables piercing up to 20 mm. The cooling and protective effect of the swirl gas ensures higher cutting speeds and an increased lifetime of the consumables.

The CutFire 100i is ideally suited for cutting thin sheets in ventilation and switch cabinet construction, in metal construction and many other craftsmen businesses, industrial and production plants.

Further information

Plasma cutting inverter CutFire 100i

Power source
Cutting current at 100 % duty cycle
Cutting range
Dimensions (L x W x H)
CutFire 100i
100 A
1 - 30 mm (built in or after 2017)
up to 20 mm (built in or after 2017)
710 x 280 x 590 mm
50 kg
Plasma torch

Flash 100
Flash 101 (for CutFire 100i built in or after 2017)

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