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Useful Tips for Plasma Cutting

The plasma cutting technology has undergone considerable developments in particular with the introduction of the HiFocus series in 2000. The cutting qualities and cutting speeds that can be achieved nowadays used to be reserved for other technologies years ago. Plasma technique made by Kjellberg Finsterwalde guarantees an exceptionally high cutting quality because the parts can not only be cut vertically creating a smooth surface but also with nearly no rework required. A thorough knowledge of the process is important to achieve optimum results. In the following, you will find a summary of useful tips for plasma cutting.

Factors influencing the costs per cutting metre

Costs per Cutting Metre

In addition to the quality of the plasma cut, users attach high importance to the costs per cutting metre in order to maintain the efficient operation of their production. The most important influencing factors are explained here.
HiFocus plasma cutting

Quality Parameters

The quality of a plasma cut can be assessed on the basis of the parameters stipulated by the standard  DIN EN ISO 9013.


It is important for every user: a long lifetime of the consumables and spare parts. A short overview with important information about this topic shows you how this can be achieved.
Piercing into the workpiece


When piercing into the work-piece it is important to make sure that the hot material does not damage the torch head. A short overview summarizes the most important facts regarding this topic.
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