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Plasma Gouging

Plasma gougingPlasma gouging is a process which involves melting and removing material by using a plasma arc. It can be used for all electrically conductive materials, i.e. mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, high-melting materials or composites.

Plasma gouging can be performed with a machine torch as well as a hand torch. The gouging takes place by transferring the plasma arc directly onto the workpiece. The plasma torch removes the molten material in an effective manner.

Plasma gouging is mainly used to remove flaws on welds, but also to prepare back-welding on root welds. Furthermore, this process is excellently suitable for removing surface flaws, i.e. cracks, blowholes or inclusions. Other possible applications are the production of notches, the processing of fusion faces as well as the cleaning of casted parts. What should also be mentioned is the high suitability for peeling on surfaces as well as surfaced workpieces and moulded parts.

Compared to mechanical removal processes, the working speed is usually much higher. The user is released from heavy physical work because no grinders or other machines are necessary. Plasma gouging has also succeeded against gouging with carbon electrodes because no regrinding is necessary, the gouged surface is not carburized when using technical gases and the heat input is lower. The process can be performed easier and more precise due to better visibility and control of the gouged area. Especially in case of inconvenient working positions, plasma gouging is excellently suitable due to its easy handling.
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