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Kjellberg Finsterwalde

Quality Plasma Cutting

Smart Focus in our application centreSmart Focus in our application centre

Convince yourself of the cutting quality of our new plasma series Smart Focus and test your cutting task in our application centre. Contact us to make an appointment.

Plasma cutting equipment from Kjellberg Finsterwalde for diverse cutting tasksOverview of cutting equipment

Kjellberg Finsterwalde offers a wide assortment of cutting equipment for diverse requirements and cutting tasks in the range of 0.5 to 160 mm material thickness. 
The new product catalogue for cutting equipment gives a comprehensive overview of systems and technologies for the CNC-guided and manual plasma cutting.

Contour Cut – Precision in Detail

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Precise plasma cutting of contours with Contour Cut and up to 50% faster at similar quality with Contour Cut Speed

24h-Hour Service Hotline

Our technical service is available 24 hours a day.Do you have questions about plasma cutting or need assistance with a technical problem? Our professional Kjellberg Finsterwalde service team is there for you! Of course you can also arrange training dates with our service team in order to acquire or refresh yours skills and knowledge on plasma cutting processes.
In addition, a contact person from technical service is availabel around the clock to help you with technial problems. Our 24-hour service hotline is available under the following telephone number:

+49 172 7994141

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