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Ines Lehmann
Marketing Cutting
Tel.: +49 3531 500153
Fax: +49 3531 500151
Jana Müller
Marketing Welding and Engineering
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Kjellberg Finsterwalde with New Service Offerings

Service & maintenance directly from te manufacturer At the trade show EuroBlech, Kjellberg Finsterwalde will present for the first time its new service offer for used plasma cutting systems. Individual maintenance services are from now on combined in profitable packages for the customers. The services directly from the manufacturer increase the lifetime of the plant and prevent malfunctions and downtimes.

The Kjellberg Service Packages include all necessary original spare parts and consumables which are recommended for the yearly preventive maintenance of a Kjellberg power source according to the plan for the change of components. Regular maintenance measures help maintain the operational safety and improve the plant availability permanently resulting in reduced downtime and repair costs. In times of complex working processes this simplifies the planning of maintenance dates and costs considerably. As a service directly from the manufacturer, Kjellberg undertakes the elaborate planning and also the performance of these maintenance measures for the customers.

With this offer, Kjellberg Finsterwalde wants to further expand its service & after-sales activities. After completion of the purchase Kjellberg Finsterwalde further supports the customers and provides all necessary services for a smooth operation of their plasma cutting systems. The Kjellberg Service Packages include among others the following precautions:
  • Preventive change of components
  • Change of coolant and environmentally appropriate disposal
  • Cleaning of the power source and all its components
  • Inspection of the components
  • Training for operators and technicians
Press contact:

Ines Köhler, Marketing Cutting
Tel.: +49 3531 500 153


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