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Plasma vs Laser
Kjellberg Finsterwalde bei DVS Flensburg
Effizienz in der schweißtechnischen Fertigung

Neu: Vakuumverpackung für Kjellberg-Qualitätselektroden
Kjellberg Finsterwalde bietet jetzt seine Qualitätselektroden auch in einer Vakuumverpackung an.

Montage von Folgeverbundwerkzeugen
Kjellberger Maschinenbau erstmalig bei der Intec 2019
Sondermaschinen- und Werkzeugbau der Kjellberg-Gruppe tritt als Aussteller auf

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is inseparably connected with our corporate culture. The commitment of the Kjellberg Foundation and its companies includes the working environment as well as the life in the region of Finsterwalde. Improving both contributes to a better identification with the companies and is an important long-term element for guaranteeing the future.

We support practical learning for students, we contribute to the education of young people at professional colleges and universities and stand up for the interests of our employees. This includes further education activities as well as activities to create the curiosity of young people to discover economic contexts and technical possibilities. Being a group of companies with strong links to the location of Finsterwalde, we are committed to the region, to culture, youth and sports.
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