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16 May 2017

New Cutting Inverter CutFire with Powerful Torch

New inverter CutFire for plasma cutting with air The compact and cost-efficient cutting inverters of the CutFire series have proved their worth for users due to their versatile applications in the cutting range for thin sheets. Kjellberg Finsterwalde offers a new inverter CutFire 100i in order to further increase the cutting performance and reduce the costs per cutting metre for plasma cutting with air: Power sources built from 2017 onwards are equipped with the new machine torch Flash 101 and use air now also as swirl gas. Equipped with new consumables, cutting speeds are increased, the piercing safety is enhanced and the lifetime of the consumables is improved.

The air that rotates around the plasma beam stabilizes the plasma beam and makes it possible for users to pierce up to a maximum of 20 mm. Air is used as swirl gas thus ensuring also a better protection of the torch and a more effective cooling. The lifetime of the consumables can be increased many times over and the cutting speed can also be increased.

The compact cutting inverter CutFire 100i delivers reliable cut results for material thicknesses ranging between 1 and 30 mm at low investment costs. In addition to straight and profile cuts, the air-cooled inverter with the new torch Flash 101 can also be used for bevel cutting up to 30° and marking with 20 A. For these purposes, no additional equipment or software is required. The adaption to CNC-controlled and other automatic guiding systems can be done quickly and easily. The costs per cutting metre are low due to high cutting speeds and the efficient use of air as plasma gas and swirl gas.
Press contact:
Ines Koehler, Marketing Schneiden
Tel.: +49 3531 500 153


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Photo plasma cutting with air
Photo torch Flash 101

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